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Enerjide Blockchain Etkisi

The energy industry is also affected by the blockchain effect, which is under the dominance of 2017; we understand every day that a company produces an energy-specific blockchain product or service. We have talked about energy trade in Blockcain and Energy Trade , the pilot projects of point-to-point energy trading .

Enerjide Blockchain Influence, which we can characterize as the energy industry’s traditionally rooted companies building business partnerships with blockchain startups, are examples of efforts to protect their place in the energy market with the emerging blockchain. These business partnerships provide the necessary network infrastructure to enable blockchain technology to capture the energy sector’s potential.

GTM ResearchBlockchain in Energy 2018 , reports global forecasts for 2018, along with blockchain technology’s impact estimates in the energy sector.

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Energy Companies Will Increase Blockchain Investments

Blokkincir coin suppliers are already able to supply 75% of the funds in the energy sector. In 2018, there will continue to be an important funding source.

energy with blockhain, energetic blockchain-based commercial platform experiments
Source; GTM Research

GTM Research expects successful closure of energy trading pilot projects with blockchain, while energy companies expect an increase in blockchaine investments through traditional risk capital. Tepco, Innogy and Centrica are known to invest in 5 venture companies.

American Energy Companies to Start Blockchain Experiences

Blockchain experiments in the energy sector in the United States were realized without energy companies. GTM Research predicts that American energy companies, which have completed their research in 2017, will begin blocchain testing in 2018.

American Energy Companies Blockchain Experiments, blockbuster based pilot projects

Pacific Gas & Electric şirketinin bu yıl içerisinde blockhain enerji odaklı iki proje bütçe ayırdığı da bilinmektedir.

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Blockchain ile Enerji Ticaretinde Ticari Platformların Devreye Alınması

Noktadan noktaya enerji ticaretine imkan sağlamaları beklenen blockchain ile enerji ticareti platformları 2018 ‘e kadar pilot projeler olarak ilerledi.

Energy sector applications in Blockchain technology


Ocak 2018’de BTL tarafından pilotuna başlanan OneOffice adlı blockchain tabanlı enerji ticareti platformunun bu yil içerisinde canlı ticarete başlanması bekleniyor. Panton; benzer şekilde henüz pilot proje olarak testlerine başladıkları blockchain tabanlı enerji ticareti platformunun 2018 yılı içerisinde canlıya alacaklarını duyurdular.

Yeni İş Modelleri Karşımıza Çıkacak

GTM Research foresees the use of blockchain technology in charging and regulating commercial vehicle charging stations and renewable energy use.

In EV ( Electric Vehicle ) pricing, limited charging infrastructure and the absence of any accepted standards for billing, programming and payment software reduce the resistance to new concepts and technologies. For Renewable Energy Resources, the blockchain can take the place of old platforms and reduce the possibility of double billing. Developers can design these trading platforms in accordance with existing regulations.

Source; https://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/four-predictions-for-blockchain-in-energy-in-2018

Blockchain Session will be held in ICSG 2018!

Particular attention is drawn to the potential impacts of the BLOCKCHAIN ENERGY SECTOR in the 6th International Istanbul Smart Networks and Cities Congress and Fair (ICSG 2018) to be held in Istanbul on April 25-26. From this point of view it is hopeful that we have a session where we can ask our questions about this important development in the energy sector.

April 25 Sessions


April 26 Sessions


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